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Inspections & Septic Pumping

Prolong the life of your septic tank when you call the professionals from Allied Septic Service Inc., based in North Falmouth, Massachusetts, for our expert septic pumping and inspections. Since 1971, home and business owners throughout the area have relied on us for the fast septic services they need to prevent expensive repairs.

Prevent to Prolong

Septic pumping services are necessary for tank maintenance to prolong the life of your system and to prevent solids from contaminating the leaching field. Scheduling routine pumping every two to three years, depending on the overall usage, can reduce the failure rate drastically.
Septic - Septic inspections in Falmouth MA

Providing the Pumping

Many home and business owners are unaware when the last septic pumping took place. If you don't know, it's time to call our company to schedule a service appointment for the prompt pumping services your tank needs. Our experience and knowledge in the industry make it easy to locate the system and cover in as little as 15 minutes so we can start the septic pumping process.

Determining Problems

Routine septic inspections are necessary to ensure that there aren't any blockages or roots affecting the line and to verify that the line is clean and clear. During the process, images appear on the screen for visual recognition. This gives you the opportunity to see if a blockage is present.

Specific, yet Complex

Our septic inspections give our technicians the opportunity to quickly identify specific, and often complex, problems that are otherwise hard to find in new and old systems. Inspections are available for old and new construction.
Contact us today to request an estimate for our septic pumping services to keep your system working for years to come.